At The Secret Farm, handpicking sunflowers is a delightful experience that brings the joy of nature’s beauty into your hands. Once you’ve picked your radiant sunflowers, the fun doesn’t end there! Join us as we explore a variety of creative and heartwarming things you can do with your picked sunflowers, turning them into beautiful and meaningful additions to your life.

1. Create Stunning Bouquets: Bring Nature Indoors

Display your freshly picked sunflowers in a stunning bouquet that brightens any room in your home. Combine them with other complementary flowers or greenery to create an arrangement that exudes nature’s charm. Placing a sunflower bouquet on your dining table or mantelpiece adds a touch of sunshine to your living space.

2. Homemade Sunflower Arrangements: Decorate with Love

Let your creativity flourish by crafting your own sunflower arrangements. Use mason jars, vintage pitchers, or rustic baskets as charming vases for your blooms. These homemade arrangements are not only visually pleasing but also make heartwarming gifts for family and friends.

3. Drying Sunflowers: Preserving Nature’s Beauty

Preserve the beauty of your sunflowers by drying them. Hang them upside down in a cool, dry place to allow them to air dry naturally. Dried sunflowers make lovely decor pieces, adding a rustic and artistic touch to your home.

4. Pressed Sunflower Art: Capturing Memories

Pressing sunflowers between the pages of a heavy book allows you to create pressed flower art. Frame the pressed sunflowers to make unique and sentimental pieces of art that capture the memories of your time at The Secret Farm.

5. Sunflower Wreaths: Welcoming Warmth

Craft a welcoming sunflower wreath for your front door or as a centerpiece for special occasions. Combine dried sunflowers with foliage and ribbons to add a touch of warmth and charm to your home.

6. Sunflower Seeds: Planting for Tomorrow

Save some sunflower seeds for planting in your garden. Sunflowers are easy to grow, and planting the seeds ensures that you can enjoy the beauty of sunflowers year after year.

7. Sunflower-Themed Crafts: Crafting Fun

Get creative with sunflower-themed crafts like sunflower-themed candles, coasters, or even sunflower-themed painted pots for your other plants.

8. Sunflower Petal Potpourri: Aromatic Delight

Dry sunflower petals and mix them with your favorite herbs and spices to create fragrant potpourri. Place it in small sachets to infuse your drawers or rooms with a delightful aroma.


Picking sunflowers at The Secret Farm is just the beginning of an enchanting journey. From creating stunning bouquets to crafting homemade decor, the possibilities are endless. Sunflowers bring a touch of nature’s radiance into your life, allowing you to celebrate their beauty in numerous heartwarming ways. Embrace the magic of sunflowers and let your creativity bloom as you enjoy the treasures of nature picked with love at The Secret Farm.